Sekaten Ceremony

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Sekaten Ceremony is annually held, starting on the fifth day of the Javanese month Mulud.
The ceremony takes the form of a sequence of celebrating the birth of Mohammed, the Prophet of Moslem.
The first day of ceremony start of midnight with a procession of the royal servant who are marching in two row bringing two set of Gamelan. The culmination of Sekaten ceremony is called Grebeg Mulud. It is held on the 12th day of Javanese month Mulud.
This festival start at early morning preceded by a parade of the Palace Guard with their magnificently uniform. In this ceremony the local people will try take a little bit of Gunungan. The Gunungan is made of food such as vegetables, peanuts, red pepper, eggs and several delicacies made of sticky rice.
It is mountain shaped and symbolizes the prosperity and wealth of the Mataram's land
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